As the Covid-19 situation gets more serious each day, more and more shops are being shut. Goods are stuck in the shops and customers, desperate for products, are turning to the online stores.

While waiting out for the circuit-breaker to ease in another few weeks, why don’t you try selling your goods and services online? What have you got to lose? For as little as 5 cents a pop a day, you can advertise and market your products or services to reach a much wider customer base, round the clock!

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随着Covid-19局势每天变得越来越严重,越来越多的商店被关闭。 货物滞留在商店中,客户急需产品,他们转向在线商店。

等待断路器再过几周后,为什么不尝试在线销售商品和服务呢? 你有什么损失呢? 每天只需花费5美分,您就可以做广告和营销您的产品或服务,以昼夜不停地吸引更广泛的客户群!

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